We take great care and work in our partnership with our clients.  We want to ascertain and fully understand not only the specific needs of the vacancies, but also the nature and aspirations of the client’s business itself. We focus on developing long-term relationships with our client.

We always start with this comprehensive inventory of the organization. We aim to provide a personal approach. The first inventory of the company takes place during a face to face meeting.

Step 1: Inventory

  • Personal introduction
  • Inventory organisation and vacancies
  • Job profiling
  • Advising on feasibility
  • Order confirmation

Step 2: Recruitment Strategy

  • Database search
  • Direct search
  • Network search
  • Social networks

Step 3: Sourcing and Selection

  • Sourcing and screening
  • Discuss cv’s with the client
  • Competency-based (video)interviews

Step 4: Presentation Professionals

  • Introduce suitable candidates
  • Feedback client within a few days

Step 5: Application Procedure

  • Planning and organizing job interviews
  • Candidates and client feedback

Step 6: Contract

  • Negotiation and signing contract

Step 7: Coaching program

  • We have the option to start up a coaching program

Step 8: Evaluation & Aftercare

  • Evaluation with client


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